Wow...It's Almost 2007

As we all know, 2007 will be a very important year in the console wars. After all of the initial launch hype is gone, we will begin to see how hardware sales fall. The PS3, Wii, and the XBox 360 are going to need a steady stream of quality titles and downloadable titles to maintain momentum. What surprises will be unveiled? Will Microsoft finally manage to earn somewhat respectable sales for the XBox 360 in Japan? Will the PLAYSTATION 3 gain more exclusives and outsell its older brother? Will the Wii hype last as Nintendo releases more software?

Then there's the handheld war between Nintendo DS and Sony's PSP. If this rumored 60GB HDD add-on for the PSP is a reality, how will it impact handheld sales? What is next for the DS's Touch Generations brand? Will a next-generation GameBoy be revealed?

Your guess is as good as mine, but all I know is that I'm sure looking forward to seeing how the video game industry will expand and how the definition of a video game will change.


Multiple Friend Codes?

Apparently, Japan's Pokemon Battle Revolution is sporting friend codes for online play that are seperate from each Wii console's Wii Number.

This aggrivates us all to no end, for the most part.

Hopefully, Nintendo has taken to heart the complaints about the DS's friend code system, and perhaps will offer a way to exchange the numbers more freely and easily.

Sure, we can use the message board to send our codes for individual games to other registered Wii consoles, but that is extremely clunky, in my opinion. Of course, it is better than nothing, but I was really hoping that Nintendo had taken the Wii version of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection in a different direction.

At the same time, this news has just broke and Nintendo really hasn't even talked about their online gaming plans at this point. So, perhaps then, in the future, there will be a different way of handling this. Or maybe this really is a one time deal. But I severely doubt that this is the only time this system will rear its head on Wii, as Nintendo would have included Pokemon in the standardized Wii version of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection...



Old News. But Still Worth Wowing Over.

Dragon Quest IX is on DS.


This is really bad for Sony...I mean, the "numbered" Dragon Quest series is a enormous cash cow for their platforms. Nintendo has just scored BIG here. DS sales are already through the roof in Japan, selling what the XBox 360 sells in a year in a single week.

When this Dragon Quest launches, not only will DS continue to annihilate the PSP's sales, but it will most likely propell sales to Godly high levels. Perhaps the Wii will also see some more Dragon Quest content. Dragon Quest Swords is already being developed for the console, but will Dragon Quest X be a Wii exclusive? Only time will tell, but if so, then perhaps Wii will be able to jettison very far ahead.

Of course, in this era, one game won't cause a console to "win." However, having Dragon Quest on your side really would help. And as far as the DS is concerned, it has some of Japan's most popular series: Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Brain Training, and now, Dragon Quest. No wonder why it "prints money."

Kudos to Mr. Iwata, Nintendo and Square-Enix for patching up relations, because Square-Enix's recently renewed support for Nintendo platforms looks like it's really about to start paying off for both companies.

Am I The Only One Who's Interested In Forever Blue?

Absolutely no one is talking about this game. Forever Blue, to me, appears to be a kind of game that we need to see more of based on the limited knowledge we have of it right now. Basically, using the Wii Remote, you explore the ocean, and via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, you and others can explore together.

This is the kind of game I've personally always hoped would come out correctly. A game that's just totally based on exploring things at your leisure, without any form of direction...operating off of the pure joy of discovering something new. Of course, many games have these elements in them, but there aren't many titles that focus on this one element alone and make the game itself easily accessible.

Titles like these, in my opinion, are what Wii is about. Titles where people can interact with games differently and in new ways than before for as long or as short of a time as they please. So then, this could really be a user-expansion title. Since the game is online, as well, it'd serve as a great introduction to online console play for new gamer.

Forever Blue has a lot of potential, and I think we should really pay attention to it as time goes on and new details are learned. I simply hope that there isn't much direction to the game at all so that it can be that title I've been so desperately wanting.

Two Million Wii's Sold?

Wow. Simply wow. Yeah, this is kind of old, I know. But the official sales numbers haven't come out yet, and so I'll still wowing until I see them.

It hasn't even been a month and the Wii has apparently sold through two million units worldwide. That is astounding. I think it's clear now that the hype surrounding Wii has jettisoned to a level that not many people thought possible, especially with PLAYSTATION 3 biting at its heels.

Of course, this being launch, nothing is for certain. However, once things calm down, if Wii continues at a pace that's about in line with DS, PS3 may not be able to stand a chance. Sure, there are production problems at the moment, and that situation will probably improve. However, if Wii gets enough of a lead on PS3 before that happens, then maybe that gap between total units sold may be a little bit tighter.

Regardless, this would be excellent news for Nintendo and Wii. Once Brain Training/Big Brain Academy and some more user-expansion titles such as Wii Music launch, as well as Mario and Animal Crossing, we'll see a sales explosion, not to mention Pokemon Battle Revolution.

Perhaps Nintendo will finally become number one console manufacturer again. From my point of view, that would be a huge win for the industry.


Okay, Okay

I dropped the ball. I know. Not like I had any fans to begin with, but I still messed up. So I just deleted some junk that threw off the formatting, and now I'm ready to push this thing forward.

So this blog should hopefully get on track very soon.

Maybe I'll get a reader. >__>