Am I The Only One Who's Interested In Forever Blue?

Absolutely no one is talking about this game. Forever Blue, to me, appears to be a kind of game that we need to see more of based on the limited knowledge we have of it right now. Basically, using the Wii Remote, you explore the ocean, and via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, you and others can explore together.

This is the kind of game I've personally always hoped would come out correctly. A game that's just totally based on exploring things at your leisure, without any form of direction...operating off of the pure joy of discovering something new. Of course, many games have these elements in them, but there aren't many titles that focus on this one element alone and make the game itself easily accessible.

Titles like these, in my opinion, are what Wii is about. Titles where people can interact with games differently and in new ways than before for as long or as short of a time as they please. So then, this could really be a user-expansion title. Since the game is online, as well, it'd serve as a great introduction to online console play for new gamer.

Forever Blue has a lot of potential, and I think we should really pay attention to it as time goes on and new details are learned. I simply hope that there isn't much direction to the game at all so that it can be that title I've been so desperately wanting.

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