Multiple Friend Codes?

Apparently, Japan's Pokemon Battle Revolution is sporting friend codes for online play that are seperate from each Wii console's Wii Number.

This aggrivates us all to no end, for the most part.

Hopefully, Nintendo has taken to heart the complaints about the DS's friend code system, and perhaps will offer a way to exchange the numbers more freely and easily.

Sure, we can use the message board to send our codes for individual games to other registered Wii consoles, but that is extremely clunky, in my opinion. Of course, it is better than nothing, but I was really hoping that Nintendo had taken the Wii version of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection in a different direction.

At the same time, this news has just broke and Nintendo really hasn't even talked about their online gaming plans at this point. So, perhaps then, in the future, there will be a different way of handling this. Or maybe this really is a one time deal. But I severely doubt that this is the only time this system will rear its head on Wii, as Nintendo would have included Pokemon in the standardized Wii version of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection...


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