Old News. But Still Worth Wowing Over.

Dragon Quest IX is on DS.


This is really bad for Sony...I mean, the "numbered" Dragon Quest series is a enormous cash cow for their platforms. Nintendo has just scored BIG here. DS sales are already through the roof in Japan, selling what the XBox 360 sells in a year in a single week.

When this Dragon Quest launches, not only will DS continue to annihilate the PSP's sales, but it will most likely propell sales to Godly high levels. Perhaps the Wii will also see some more Dragon Quest content. Dragon Quest Swords is already being developed for the console, but will Dragon Quest X be a Wii exclusive? Only time will tell, but if so, then perhaps Wii will be able to jettison very far ahead.

Of course, in this era, one game won't cause a console to "win." However, having Dragon Quest on your side really would help. And as far as the DS is concerned, it has some of Japan's most popular series: Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Brain Training, and now, Dragon Quest. No wonder why it "prints money."

Kudos to Mr. Iwata, Nintendo and Square-Enix for patching up relations, because Square-Enix's recently renewed support for Nintendo platforms looks like it's really about to start paying off for both companies.

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