Two Million Wii's Sold?

Wow. Simply wow. Yeah, this is kind of old, I know. But the official sales numbers haven't come out yet, and so I'll still wowing until I see them.

It hasn't even been a month and the Wii has apparently sold through two million units worldwide. That is astounding. I think it's clear now that the hype surrounding Wii has jettisoned to a level that not many people thought possible, especially with PLAYSTATION 3 biting at its heels.

Of course, this being launch, nothing is for certain. However, once things calm down, if Wii continues at a pace that's about in line with DS, PS3 may not be able to stand a chance. Sure, there are production problems at the moment, and that situation will probably improve. However, if Wii gets enough of a lead on PS3 before that happens, then maybe that gap between total units sold may be a little bit tighter.

Regardless, this would be excellent news for Nintendo and Wii. Once Brain Training/Big Brain Academy and some more user-expansion titles such as Wii Music launch, as well as Mario and Animal Crossing, we'll see a sales explosion, not to mention Pokemon Battle Revolution.

Perhaps Nintendo will finally become number one console manufacturer again. From my point of view, that would be a huge win for the industry.

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Anonymous said...

i believe that the wiis will keep selling out until late march early april. some ppl are thinking of returning them because they cant put a fucking wrist strap on.

so theres my comment


*The Polish Nazi*