Wow...It's Almost 2007

As we all know, 2007 will be a very important year in the console wars. After all of the initial launch hype is gone, we will begin to see how hardware sales fall. The PS3, Wii, and the XBox 360 are going to need a steady stream of quality titles and downloadable titles to maintain momentum. What surprises will be unveiled? Will Microsoft finally manage to earn somewhat respectable sales for the XBox 360 in Japan? Will the PLAYSTATION 3 gain more exclusives and outsell its older brother? Will the Wii hype last as Nintendo releases more software?

Then there's the handheld war between Nintendo DS and Sony's PSP. If this rumored 60GB HDD add-on for the PSP is a reality, how will it impact handheld sales? What is next for the DS's Touch Generations brand? Will a next-generation GameBoy be revealed?

Your guess is as good as mine, but all I know is that I'm sure looking forward to seeing how the video game industry will expand and how the definition of a video game will change.

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