Clean-Cut Link

If you like Zelda, Nintendo, and/or videogames, or if you're just a random person who is absolutely infatuated with Link, then you must go here and view this amazing ice sculpture of our hero.

Yes, it is awesome. Behold it. Adore it. Love it.

Shadow. Silver. Why, Why, Why?

I was so happy. Sonic and the Secret Rings (formerly titled Sonic Wild Fire) did not feature Shadow the Hedgehog. I was also quite happy that it did not feature Silver the Hedgehog, or anyone else besides Sonic.

But what is this I saw at Sonic News?

Okay, yeah, I know, it's multiplayer. But still. Why do these morons need to be in this title? Heck, it's not only this game. They're in Sonic Rivals. They're in Sonic the Hedgehog on the 360/PS3. Shadow had his own (disastrous) game, and he was in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Heroes. How do these characters always manage to make it into Sonic titles?

Silver is the latest in this strange phenomenon. Ever since his creation for Sonic the Hedgehog on X360/PS3, he has been thrown into Sonic Rivals and, now, Sonic and the Secret Rings. Just like Shadow, he is being shoved down Sonic fans' throats. Does SEGA even understand that taking the focus off of Sonic has been alienating fans for years now?

Yeah, I know, I know. It's multiplayer, it's the place where all of the random characters that have been created can randomly do battle against one another.

But there's one problem here. There are many more classic and popular characters that can be used for this component of the game. Wouldn't it be a treat if fans finally got to play as Ray the Squirrel again? Or how about the long-missed Nack/Fang the Weasel? Heck, maybe even the more well-known Chaotix gang, Vector, Charmy, the long-forgotten Mighty, and Espio, would be suitable.

It's obvious through this rant that I cannot stand Shadow or Silver. You may have noticed that I didn't mention how Blaze has been appearing a lot more lately, or that Cream has needlessly been thrown into this title, as well.

Maybe Cream is part of the problem. She has been rather useless for a long time. But Blaze certainly gathered quite a number of fans, and her inclusion at least feels a lot more appropriate than Silver.

At least they didn't include Mephiles...

Kelly Has Stolen My Life

It should be a crime if you're not familiar with Kelly at this point.

Who's Kelly? Why, this is she:

I have listened to her music far too much these past few days. Of course, I was into it awhile ago, but now, I have to say I'm totally into it again.

Do yourself a favor: If you haven't seen Shoes or Text Message Break Up, watch them. They are absolutely vulgar and absolutely hilarious.

Why not check out Kelly's fansite while you're at it? Or add her on MySpace?

Oh Kelly...


News Channel FTW!!

If you're one of the many lucky Wii owners out there who has connected to the internet and WiiConnect24, you should have enjoyed playing around with the just-released "News Channel" today.

I have to say that I'm extremely impressed. Not only is the interface slick and the music great, but the "News Channel" is simply fun to use. The cat from the "Photo Channel makes a cameo, news articles can be found by category, the ever-popular Globe from the "Forecast Channel" has returned and is better than ever, and the Slide Show mode just ingenius.

Information is easy to acquire and there is already a lot of content available. There is a nice spectrum of font sizes for easy reading, and there's even a nifty underlining feature that's accessible by holding down the "1" button.

Very nice, Nintendo. Keep up the good work, and I hope to hear some channel announcements soon!

Quick Public Service Announcement

I will explode if I do not say this.

Nintendo's new home console is not called "Nintendo Wii." It is called "Wii."



Rosie vs. Trump

If you've been paying any sort of attention to the scary land of celebrity relationships at all lately, then you must be aware of the feud going on between Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump.

The video below is perfect for the weekend. It's a hilarious satire about the feud, and it not only features the two stars, but it even has Satan!

(Warning: Extremely Suggestive Material Ahead)

Direct Link

The 1980's Strike Back

That explains it all. Kind of.

Apparently "Guitar Hero: 1980's Edition" is coming, according to Kotaku.

I've never played Guitar Hero, but I would like to. Maybe this'll be my entrance to the series.

The Hall of Justice's LEGO Reconstruction

So, what do you talk about with your best friends? Odds are, it isn't LEGOs. However, with one of my best friends, LEGOs are a very common topic, even though I can't make anything with them.

Today, he shows me what I'm convinced is one of the funniest LEGO creations I've ever seen.

Remember "Super Friends," and how Batman and Co.'s lair was the Hall of Justice?

Introducing the new and improved Hall of Justice, the:

"Hall Of A Good Time"

It is necesary that all "Super Friends" fans see this, and it is even more essential that all Batman fans look at this.

(Warning: Suggestive Themes Ahead)

iPhone = Sexy

I'm sorry, I can't resist anymore. I need to squeel over iPhone.

For some reason I'm more excited about the motion sensors, the multi-touch screen, and a more efficient voice mail system than the built-in iPod and other features. Wow.

But still, I'm very impressed with iPhone's style and features. Call me a tech whore, but I'm looking forward to seeing more of this baby.

As for the worry that iPhone will steal DS's thunder or something, I don't personally think that will happen. Not only is the iPhone priced like the PLAYSTATION 3 and more focused on multimedia features and internet connectivity, but more importantly, it doesn't have a single game announced for it yet.

All I know is that I'm liking it so far, we'll have to see how the final product ends up working.

Head here to see all of the juicy, luscious features of iPhone.


I noticed that the Super Smash Blog had, at long last, been updated again, and so I checked out a few threads on the Smash World Forums that it directed me to. I came across this wonderful gem in Destruction_King's signature:

"Everytime you say Cloud, Sephiroth, or Master Chief should be in SSBB, the average intelligence of the human race drops by 1."

So true, especially in regards to Master Chief. Microsoft's star character appearing on a competing home console? I say no. Maybe he can appear on the DS, but certainly not on the Wii.

As some would say, kthxbai.


Import Review Of Pokemon Battle Revolution: It's Hot!


I am very impressed.

I didn't expect Pokemon Battle Revolution to turn out as well as it seems to have. This import review for the game by Mr. Sephiroth is extremely positive, giving the game a 91/100.

This game is certainly looking like a winner, and it seems to have a strong online component as well.

Very nice.

Elite Beat Agents Is My Anti-Drug

This game has so much personality...I absolutely love it. It is such a shame that it has essentially bombed at retail in the US.

Elite Beat Agents is one of the funniest games I own for DS, and playing it is one of the most euphoric rhythm games you'll ever get on any console, even if you don't care for the song selection present in E.B.A..

Just marvel at its beauty in the video below. If you see it, buy it up instantly. There is absolutely no way you can go wrong with Elite Beat Agents. It is the perfect game to just pull out and blow a few minutes with, and many times you'll get hooked and you'll be sucked in for hours.

Note: It's recommended that you go take the direct link because it looks a lot better resized to its appropriate proportions.