News Channel FTW!!

If you're one of the many lucky Wii owners out there who has connected to the internet and WiiConnect24, you should have enjoyed playing around with the just-released "News Channel" today.

I have to say that I'm extremely impressed. Not only is the interface slick and the music great, but the "News Channel" is simply fun to use. The cat from the "Photo Channel makes a cameo, news articles can be found by category, the ever-popular Globe from the "Forecast Channel" has returned and is better than ever, and the Slide Show mode just ingenius.

Information is easy to acquire and there is already a lot of content available. There is a nice spectrum of font sizes for easy reading, and there's even a nifty underlining feature that's accessible by holding down the "1" button.

Very nice, Nintendo. Keep up the good work, and I hope to hear some channel announcements soon!

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