Shadow. Silver. Why, Why, Why?

I was so happy. Sonic and the Secret Rings (formerly titled Sonic Wild Fire) did not feature Shadow the Hedgehog. I was also quite happy that it did not feature Silver the Hedgehog, or anyone else besides Sonic.

But what is this I saw at Sonic News?

Okay, yeah, I know, it's multiplayer. But still. Why do these morons need to be in this title? Heck, it's not only this game. They're in Sonic Rivals. They're in Sonic the Hedgehog on the 360/PS3. Shadow had his own (disastrous) game, and he was in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Heroes. How do these characters always manage to make it into Sonic titles?

Silver is the latest in this strange phenomenon. Ever since his creation for Sonic the Hedgehog on X360/PS3, he has been thrown into Sonic Rivals and, now, Sonic and the Secret Rings. Just like Shadow, he is being shoved down Sonic fans' throats. Does SEGA even understand that taking the focus off of Sonic has been alienating fans for years now?

Yeah, I know, I know. It's multiplayer, it's the place where all of the random characters that have been created can randomly do battle against one another.

But there's one problem here. There are many more classic and popular characters that can be used for this component of the game. Wouldn't it be a treat if fans finally got to play as Ray the Squirrel again? Or how about the long-missed Nack/Fang the Weasel? Heck, maybe even the more well-known Chaotix gang, Vector, Charmy, the long-forgotten Mighty, and Espio, would be suitable.

It's obvious through this rant that I cannot stand Shadow or Silver. You may have noticed that I didn't mention how Blaze has been appearing a lot more lately, or that Cream has needlessly been thrown into this title, as well.

Maybe Cream is part of the problem. She has been rather useless for a long time. But Blaze certainly gathered quite a number of fans, and her inclusion at least feels a lot more appropriate than Silver.

At least they didn't include Mephiles...


Mike said...

but but... i like shadow!!!! i dont know silver tho O.o never heard of him. hopefully this will pull sonic back into the good name! we <3 sonic!

Cris said...

OHHHHHHH!!!! U SHUT UP U RETARD!!!! DO U THINK ANYONE LICENES TO YOUR PHONY BELONY!!!!Well I've got news for you...you ohhhh!!!Mephiles is in it.Well...not in Sonic Rings but in A new Sonic game called Sonic the Hedgehog!!!I think Shadow's Silver's story's are very interesting.And Sonic sucks...well lets just say he isn't my favorite character.SO STOP PICKING ON THEM!!!OR TEACHING THIS TO THE U.S.A. OK!!!!

PS I think Shadow and Silver