Everybody Votes Channel: Wha?

I love surprises like this.

Yesterday's surprise launch of Nintendo's "Everybody Votes Channel" baffled just about every Wii owner. This bizarre little channel allows Wii users to register their Miis for voting, and then can take a number of polls and predict their outcomes, as well as submit their own suggestions for polls.

Users can see their voter's history and prediction accuracy as well as the results for the last 12 polls that he or she has voted in.

In terms of design, this Channel is, in my opinion, the best looking of all the Wii Channels thus far. The "Everybody Votes Channel" features a slick design that is functional as well as attractive.

Experiments like these are exactly what are unique to the Wii; with applications like these, users are more engaged and willing to experiment with these ideas due to the interactivity offered by the Wii Remote.

My one gripe? There are only three national polls at any given time, and currently, there is only one worldwide poll.

Minor complaints aside, the Everybody Votes Channel is definitely a very welcome surprise, and it marks only the beginning of the potential for the Wii Channel Menu and applications of the Wii hardware.

Please see this video for your Everybody Votes Channel fix. If you are a Wii user and haven't downloaded the Channel yet, head to the Wii Ware section of the Wii Shop Channel, download it for free, and then perform a system update!

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