Jack Thompson Makes Me Weep For Humanity

So I finally decide to go back to my old friend Game Politics. And what does he do? He exposes me to this:

About a dozen audience members questioned the speakers about their views, and although most were antagonistic toward Mr. Thompson, he got the most applause of the night when he criticized today’s generation, calling them “the most self-absorbed, egocentric generation he’s ever seen…

“Your generation has got to get over itself,” he said.

This coming from the most egocentric man I have ever seen in my entire life, not to mention that he's also pretty damn rude, too. Hell, he even wrote a long, preachy letter to U2's Bono to try and sway him to his way of thinking. On top of all of that, he even wrote a Judge a nasty letter.

Even though Jack Thompson's comments are as vomit-inducing as normal, at least a bunch of the comments on the article are good, like this snippet from "Black Manta":

As I said here earlier, Jack Thompson is a fine example of someone suffering from an acute case of Old Fartism. He, like some old people, live under the delusion that the time they grew up in was “better” and that the world is inexorably going to hell in a handbasket, getting worse every day. The problem with Jack is that he takes it out on everyone else, mostly because he feels that because he’s a lawyer and thus believes as a public figure it’s his obligation to (which is why it ought to be taken away as that’s an abuse of his profession). Newsflash, there were no “Good Old Days.” It’s the same crap over and over, the times and the context just keep chainging. Bad stuff keeps happening, but so does good stuff. It’s the way of the world.

So true, so true, which is why I want to cry when this petition was overlooked by tons of gamers. Sure, it's old, but it's still as valid as it was when it first was written.

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