What's Up With Wii Online?

Okay, so Nintendo was supposed to start sharing details with developers about how to get their Wii titles online in 2007, and now, at this point, we're hearing about developers still being clueless on the matter.

What on Earth is the hold up?

Sure, we have Wii Channels and Virtual Console, but no online games is absolute rubbish at this point. The closest we've gotten is Elebits' sharing of data through WiiConnect24.

Nintendo has promised online titles for the US in Q2 2007. Many third-party developers appear to be very interested in adding online components to their titles and Nintendo is doing nothing.

Take Majesco, for example. The developer is apparently interested in online play with their upcoming Wii title Cooking Mama: Cook Off. This title is extremely important as a casual game, and an online mode would be invaluable to the game's longevity. However, it is a no-go because Majesco has no idea how to implement the mode.

This is inexcusable.

Is Nintendo really still finalizing the service? If so, how much longer is it going to take, Nintendo?

After the wild popularity of the Nintendo DS version of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, I would think that Nintendo would want to capitalize on it on Wii.

For a console trying to not be like the Nintendo GAMECUBE in terms of online gaming, Nintendo sure isn't doing too well with Wii.

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