StarFox 2D? Like What?!

Okay, so let's make a long story short; a friend of mine showed me a demo of a side-project that he has been working on with a small team of people. Of course, I let of a squee like a fan-girl because it's called StarFox 2D.

This project is why I love fan-games. Even in its early state, StarFox 2D easily the best StarFox fan-game I have ever played.

So how surprised and pleased I was when this friend, Ravi, decided to make me an Admin on the game's site's forums. So perhaps I cannot talk about the game without a bias anymore now that I'm almost kind of slightly maybe involved, but I still heavily recommend that any sad soul who ventures here goes to the site and downloads the latest demo (Demo 1.0.3). It is little more than a build demo at this point, but is a pretty impressive one.

The final game will have multiple characters and levels, as well as both aerial and ground-based missions and combat. I will be mentioning it from time to time as things progress, so this is just the beginning of my self-centered ranting.

Do enjoy.

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