Super Paper Mario Rocks My Socks

I am absolutely loving Super Paper Mario. In fact, I'm not sure who doesn't love this amazing game. It is easily one of the funniest games I've ever played; Treehouse has really outdone themselves this time.

In fact, there are so many Nintendo jokes and jokes of all kind that it's almost ridiculous. It's part of what makes Super Paper Mario's worlds come to life. That is, outside of their vibrant and stylistic art style and techno-boppy music.

Super Paper Mario seems to be similar to an old-school, 2D Mario platformer in the beginning (especially since the player holds the Wii Remote NES style to play it), but it really is something quite different. It incorporates 2D, classic Mario action with a hilarious storyline, numerous puzzles, multiple playable characters, RPG elements (such as HP and the use of items), and most notably, the ability to flip between 2D and 3D with a press of the A button.

This flipping ability allows for the clever hiding of items and some interesting puzzles. For example, when it seems you've reached a dead end while in the 2D view, flipping to 3D reveals a hidden pathway that was previously unaccessible. Or perhaps you're having trouble making it past large enemies in 2D, but when you flip into 3D, you find that the enemies are paper thin at your new angle, and so you can run right by them.

It is this type of ingenuity that really makes Super Paper Mario special. The game is divided into "Chapters," which each consist of four areas. Basically, the game's levels are numbered just as they were in the original Super Mario Bros.: from 1-1 to 8-4.

After the player completes a set of four levels, he or she earns a Pure Heart, all of which are key to the storyline and will save the worlds from the game's villain, Count Bleck. The Count humorously marries Princess Peach and Bowser in the game's opening video in order to fulfill a prophecy that allows him to destroy the existing worlds and become the ruler of the new by spreading "The Void." In order to stop this, Mario and company must find the Pure Hearts hidden in said worlds and place them in "Heart Pillars" littered about the game's hub world, Flipside.

Count Bleck himself is quite an interesting character, as he often refers to himself in the third-person. His goons, especially Nastasia, are also quite entertaining. The characters in Super Paper Mario are what really keep you coming back for more; they all have such personality and they're all so hilarious that the story is really gratifying.

Any Wii user who has not considered this game at this point is truly making a huge mistake. Super Paper Mario is quite possibly the best Wii title to come since The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and any individual who misses it will really be missing one of the most entertaining experiences that has graced a console in awhile.

The game is absolutely ridiculous, and that is exactly its biggest strength. For example, in one of the game's chapters, Mario is slapped with a gigantic debt that he is forced to pay off; that is, by hard labor, which includes hitting his head on blocks and running around excessively in a hamster wheel. The game is so full of charm that it is absolutely irresistable, and there truly is nothing else like it available.

Super Paper Mario is an absolute must buy, no questions asked.

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