Tag Sales Are Awesome

So it was yet another Saturday morning, with this one being especially hot. Despite the heat, Saturday morning meant one thing to me: tag sale time.

One of the tag sales I come across has this wonderful box of SNES games. There were seven titles within the box, and I could either get them $1 each or buy the whole damn box for $5. Obviously, I did the latter.

Although I had a couple of the games already, I didn't care. I figure I can just give them away to someone who wants them. The games in the box were:

1. Super Mario World
2. Final Fight
3. F-Zero (which I downloaded off of Virtual Console at Wii's launch, so I'm mad)
4. HyperZone (apparently created by HAL)
5. Mortal Kombat II (Hey Ma', there's blood!)
6. Radical Psycho Machine Racing (apparently handled by Interplay)
7. Street Fighter II

Obviously, I was about ready to click my heels in delight. But I didn't.

Then, later on my adventure through people's junk, I came across a box of Pokemon Cards, or more specifically, cards that were sold to promote The First Movie. The whole box was 50 cents, and all of the cards are still in their original packages. That's right, these people never opened them. There are, as I count now, 17 packs of eight cards, with each package containing "1 foil card."

As I fumbled through my pocket to grab a second quarter, the deal was sweetened. A man who was watching me find my quarter held one out to me. So that means I basicaly just got 136 cards in unopened packages for 25 cents.

Amazing. Now I have things to keep me busy until some more Wii titles become available.

That doesn't change the fact, however, that Matt over at IGN better be right when he says Super Metroid is coming soon.


I Stand Disappointed.

So, apparently Nintendo's media event was only meant to show off their upcoming summer titles.


Ah well, at least we're getting daily Smash Bros updates from smashbros.com, and we'll be seeing all of the heavy hitters at E3 in July, I'm sure.

Only 46 days to go until Nintendo's E3 Press Conference.



Finally! A New DS Download Station Update!

And guess what people?

It contains something from Picross DS, most likely a playable demo, I reckon. That makes Picross DS's US release official.

Also, as I must also state several times to keep me from wetting myself...

...It also contains Planet Puzzle League! You know, the DS version of Panel de Pon (i.e. Tetris Attack). You know, the version that's online. And amazing. And stuff.

Ooooh, It's Time To Get Excited

Now that we're aware that Nintendo is going to be hosting their media event on May 22nd, i.e. next Tuesday, it is definitely time to get excited.

So far, Super Smash Bros.: Brawl, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, and an unknown Wii title that uses the DS as a controller in unique ways and is a "user expansion" title will be on-hand.

I'm crossing my fingers for Super Mario Galaxy news. Nintendo, make it so...please?