I Officially Hate Ironknuckles

Look at that. I'm at the end of the first Palace in Zelda II, and I'm on my way to the boss.

Hmm...it's another one of those orange things...ah yes, those Ironknuckles.

Link has suffered many deaths because of my failure to defeat these things.

Why are these guys so difficult? Actually, here's a better question. Why are they in Palace 1? Do I really suck at Zelda this badly?

Don't answer that.

And you're telling me that I'm going to be encountering their closely related cousins, the Darknuts, in Twilight Princess (once I finish the third temple)?

Sweet Jesus. Help me now.

Wait a minute, I fought those Darknut guys in Wind Waker. Why did I dispose of them easily there when I can't defeat their twin brothers back in 1980?

Damn you Zelda. Damn you Link. I hope Ganon annihilates the both of you and your cursed kingdom.


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